Re-Boot! – “The Inside Job” Package 2 of 2 -Group Packages from €59 per person – Based on 10 people

599.00 Limited Time Offer!

Now at a special rate of €599 for every 10 employees in our February Sale!  Only €59  per employee!

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  • Factory Reset: It all starts with that thought, unfortunatel, it can just remain there too! Its up to you, but we understand that this is a process, let us help you regain inspiration and motivation by a quick reset of your mindset.
  • Master Thank You!:  Helping you reframe and reclaim your life, bridging that gap with the power of gratitude.
  • Yodabest package (30-day mindset reset, prepopulated -ejournal with food tracker, inspirational quotes, mindful and practical prompted guide to reflect and turn your plans into actions, in order to get you were you want to go! and who you want to be! ( 3 daily audios to aid you keep your focus and re-direct your sail when the winds change!
  • Rise and Smile: Kickstart your mornings with a positive audio snippet to inspire a joyful day.
  • Good Afternoon: Feel a midday pick-me-up with this positive audio snippet.
  • Night Shout Before Lights Out: Wind down, reframe with a calming audio experience for a peaceful night’s sleep.

🌈 Why Re-Boot!:

  • Tailored for resetting, reframing, and cultivating your colleagues’ true sense of self in the corporate realm.
  • Whether you are onboarding, returning or looking to re invent and restore clarity,focus and balance within the workplace, it is all truely and inside job! Use these wellness tools to aid you achieve just that.

Audio Samples

  • Factory Reset

  • Good Afternoon

  • Night Shout Before lights out

  • Rise and Smile

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