Yoga best

49.00 Limited Time Offer!

Discover the joy of well-being with our Yoga-Best package, now available at a special  sale price of  €50

No Hidden Cost!

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🌟 What You Get:

  • Explore E-workbooks and E-journals with cool cover images, showing you the heart of the wellness journey.
  • Yodabest package
  • 30 day E-workbook/+journal
  • food  tracker.
  • Detailed Goal achievement
  • Thought provoking journal entry prompts,
  • Inspirational and motivational quotes as you go
  • Free write space
  • Fun audio quotes from Grogu, aka Baby Yoda.
  • Mindful and practical prompted guide to reflect and turn your plans into actions, in order to get you were you want to go! and who you want to be!
  • Plus three daily audios to aid you keep your focus and re-direct your sail when the winds change!
    Rise and Smile: Kickstart your mornings with a positive audio snippet to inspire a joyful day.
    Good Afternoon: Feel a midday pick-me-up with this positive audio snippet.
    Night Shout Before Lights Out: Wind down, reframe with a calming audio experience for a peaceful night’s sleep.


🌬️ Take a Breath, Take a Break!

In the hustle of life, when everything feels too much, Mindfuel introduces “And Breathe” – your go-to life hack for those moments when life cracks. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this practical e-workbook designed to guide you through the twists and turns of life.

💆‍♀️ Calming Features: Life Hacks for when life cracks! Check out the images of “And Breathe,” a calming and pracitcal e-workbook guiding you through anxiety management.

  • Guided Meditation: Find your centre and with soothing guided meditation sessions.
  • Practical E-Book: A prompted and informative Ebook which helps you, gain awareness, manage and overcome your anxiety, through various practices and techniques such as, self- assessments, breathwork, reframing, scripting and counteracting, self -value and applying a possitive mindset to move through these moments, with with ease, bounce back easier from them, with an end goal prevent them occuring alltogether!
  • Guided Audio excerpts of the e-workbook, to help and encourage you along your journey. “We`ve got this! and uplift your spirits!
🎵 Feel the Change:

These sounds are like friends cheering you on to a happier you.

Audio Samples

  • Good Afteryoon!

  • Rise and Smile


🕊️ Your Wellness Journey Starts Here:

Get set for a wellness adventure with Yoga-Best – your guide to inspiration, motivation, and self-discovery. Don’t miss our seasonal offer – the journey to well-being begins now!


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