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Lets face it, every thing we do and not do, is largely affected by our internal world, and how we process all that is “lifing”. Once we truely understand this or even just embrace the fact, that we just dont have it all figured out! And thats totally okay!

We are an ever adapting  world, and thats exactly what we need to keep working on! How we are framing and reframing through our own lenses and not just being caught up in everyones and everything elses!

Our special personal range, caters to help keep you or get back on track of a daily, we try to facilitate all types of packages, as we are and life delivers all sorts to all of us right!?

We believe in the only power and that is the power of now!. To aid support in your now moments, by empowering you to empower yourself! So dive in and enjoy our samples, and see which suits your now! Remember its daily actioning and practice, as is our health and wellbeing with fueling everything else!


With our bespoke and diverse range of audio and e-journal+work books, programmes and workshops for  the “how tos,” for mindset and wellness,personal development products. We’ll provide that extra helping hand,that promotes and support further empowerment amongst your team and allow them to get their top-up! Whilst allowing you to focus on what really matters – your employees’ well-being and maintenance, where it counts.

Mindset -A Weapons of mass distraction or wheel of mass production! You decide!

Packages We Offer- Personal Development

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Yoda Best - Your Daily
Dose of Good Vibes!

Life on a loop? Good intentions at the start of the day and you some how find yourself off course by the end of the day? Ready for a change your lifes direction for the better? But dont really now how? Let us help you get there, with our step by step scripts prompts, goals setting, food tracker and audio motivation support.

Yoga Best- Special offer!

For those who like some chill, reflection and growth through breathwork, motivation& journalling.

A "Re-do" for you

We all can use a re-do! come back to who you truely are and meant to be. A happier healthier you, in each of your now moments.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

Mind- Food
( Feed your mind 1st!-mental diet!)

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And Breathe… Life Hacks for when life cracks

Explore Our Corporate
Premium Packages

An eclectic mix of digital products designed to motivate, meditate, educate and rejuevate. Lets face it, we need them all!

The Inside Job-Corporate Packages
An eclectic mix of digital products designed to motivate, meditate, educate and rejuvenate.

What Our Customers
Say About Us

Wow, wow, wow, a voice like chocolate, I really enjoyed it. Thought provoking and calming. I’m looking forward to hearing more. The "Master thank you" really hit home for me! A Lot more than I would have thought! Thank you, I feel a shift already!

Yvonne, Kildare Our Customer

Its fantastic, her voice is like velvet, it’s like spa day experiences for your aural senses. Very thought provoking and somewhat hypnotic!

Phil Dublin Our Customer

I just listened to the Yoda best, three meditations and the 30 day wellness journal. I thoroughly enjoyed them. So mindful and relaxing. The journal is amazing with beautiful quotes also. We definitely need more Jacintas’ in the world xx

Yvonne Kildare Our Customer

Very cool voice! very possitive and actioning, makes you feel involved, enthused, motivated. The music was uplifting and matched the message. Thank you!

Dave, Dublin

Amazing!, Wow, I could listen to her voice all day! It's so soothing, clear and calming. She was born for this! Really draws you in! and actioning. I have already written my morning tasks and wants!

Paula, Dublin

Nothing is lost recordiing- her voice is so clear and moving, brought me to tears!- it's very well done

Laura Dublin

Nothing is lost- Very impressive website! The guided meditation recording is very professional and tastefully done, for such a delicate subject. I enjoyed the breathwork part also,.Your voice is so easy to listen to, Some of the generic guided meditations are brilliant content but the narration voice can be irratating!,, Not this! Deepak Chopra watch out! 🙂

Martin, Kildare

Sounds so good, very relaxing, possitive and powerful! I feel lifted and empowered already!

Anna, Kildare

Loved it!1 We all need this! ill be back for more! as an xmas gift to me from me!

Mairead, Kildare

And Breathe Paackage- Wow! Brilliant! I loved it! your voice is so calming and the workbook has great content! Ill be coming back to this! As a busy mum of small kids and working as a councellor , this was so beneficial for all! Ill be recommending to my employer!

Julia, Kildare

Wow! Amazing! so talented. I just received a personlised and compliation one. Definitely made for this! I have listented to so many of these types of things, but this by far is the be best! unique!- Thank You, so helpful and transformational!

Elaine, Kildare

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